About Us

About Amaziness.Net

Amaziness created with the name roots from the word of “Amazing”. Amaziness.Net gets its purposeful meaning of amazing things on the internet.

We are an amazing passionate team of editors who work throughout the night for amaziness news to share. Amaziness.Net will cover with latest tech news, applications updates, and gadgets on the top news.

Our team work with a passion on tech reporting, reviewing, and actively adding our own ideas focusing on the news that have been shared here on Amaziness.

About Amaziness Editorial Team

We tech and web enthusiasts who always found it’s interesting with computer work, and tech and internet trends. Our team have computer & internet geeks who always love to write, do reports for sharing the latest updates on technologies.

Zipal Patel Email – Editor

Ivory Soda a.k.a. Zipal, tech enthusiast. Editor in Chief of Amaziness, Enjoy long walks on the empty beach, mad behind Windows 10, founder of Fancy Frindle.

Anna Fan Email – Editorial Enthusiast

Anna Fan (pretty Chinese – English name yeah, but my real name is Anh Phan)  a social media enthusiast, content strategic planner of Amaziness. Live, love, share the what called Amazing things around the internet. Founder at HocTiengAnh24h.Net ( Learn English 24h)