How To Delete Your YouTube History Quick and Easy Way

You’ve been watching YouTube videos all the time, and you know what, your YouTube history every now and then might have a full list of all videos that you’ve clicked to open. It’s time you should give it a refresh by get to delete YouTube History within few clicks away.

Step 1: Login to your YouTube account

Step 2: Go to History (on the left hand menu section)

Step 3: Don’t be panic!, watch on how many YouTube videos that you’ve been watching out there

You can scroll it down to see the list. You can delete each of the videos by clicking on the “X” on the right corner. However, you would waste your time to do that for clear all the videos.

Step 4: Look on the above, there is a button “Clear All History”. Just click on this and hit OK then all of the videos will be cleared up


The steps above is to help clear up the YouTube watch history. If you want to clear the YouTube search history then just click on Search History tab and do the same.

If you want to pause the History then click on Pause History and from now on, there will be no data about the YouTube history is saved until you go back and click on resume it.

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