How to enable YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode Easy Way

YouTube has a new hidden feature called YouTube Dark Mode. This is a really cool feature of night mode or dark theme for a YouTube channel.

The hidden dark mode for YouTube was first time discovered in April 2017 then it now becomes the new style that everyone wants to try the new layout as well. To enable the YouTube hidden dark mode, it require few simply tricks and that we are about to go through.

Step 1: Go and sign into your YouTube account

Step 2 : After signing in just go to some blank space on the channel and right-click to choose Inspect

(this step can be done another way is to hold Ctrl+Shift+I (on Windows) to open developer options

Step 3: Now, click on Console tab there and paste this code in


Step 4: Hit Enter to confirm the code in

Step 5: Close console tab and refresh YouTube channel page

Step 6: Go to channel icon (it appears on the top right corner)

Step 7: Click on Dark Theme that is set for “off” in default

Step 8: Switch to the right to activate the hidden dark mode now

Notice that this feature has now only working on the latest Chrome web browser. If you haven’t update your browser to the latest version then please do it before applying all these steps above.

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