Facebook App on Android Now Allows Users to Upload HD Video

Facebook app for Android has made new changes. Android users of the app will have the ability to upload HD videos to their Facebook.

This is firstly reported on Android Police about the new toggle in Facebook app settings which allows users to upload videos in HD quality on Facebook accounts.

It is also noted that this new update is rolled out but not every Android users will have the Facebook upload HD toggle in the account settings. Although the new feature is not yet rolled out for everyone, it might be coming for all someday.

Other new video features might be coming for some users including picture-in-picture video, offline downloaded clips for watching later, and video resolution upload options from 72p to 360p.

Another update that allows some Facebook users to use the up and down arrows in the app notifications views. This means they can check notifications by scrolling up or down using that arrows rather than going back to the top view as before.

Please notice that not all Android Facebook users are getting these new updates, but hopefully these features will be made available for all Facebook users on Android platform. If you want to check whether your Facebook app has those mentioned features, just head over the Settings on your account to see if you are the current lucky person.


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