Facebook Lite update to Download Available for Android

If you pay attention to the new Facebook app update recently, you will notice that Facebook doesn’t let users to send messages on the app version for feeds. It will redirect users to open the Facebook Messenger. Literally, it means that you have to install both of the apps to get it work! That doesn’t make sense to any users with normal budget smartphones with low RAM, and low internal memory. But here, it might be your solution: Facebook Lite

Why Installing Facebook Lite ?

The Facebook Lite will let you both doing messaging and browsing the feeds. We think it’s just like the Facebook official app in the past. Therefore, it will save you tons of data connection since you don’t have to install one more Facebook Messenger.

Specifically, Facebook Lite is designed for devices with low internal memory. That’s a lot of savings for spaces on your mobile. The lite version only takes 262 kilobytes from your internal storage or microSD. If you make a comparison to the full version of Facebook app which has about 70MB, wow! That’s how Lite means.

The Facebook Lite version gets the Facebook basic and key feature covered. You will have Messenger, Groups, Pages, Feeds. It also has notification support, just as the full version does.

It is recommended that you should install Facebook Lite instead of the full version one. Surely, it will help you have a better Facebook experience while being on a low processing power and limited internet data.

Currently, the app updates to new version of Facebook Lite on Android with these features:

  • Quick Installation process (file size 262KB)
  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • Uses less data;
  • Works well on 2G network and low or unstable internet connections

How To Install Facebook Lite On Your Android Device

Officially, you can get Facebook Lite from Google Play Store. So, just head over Play Store on your Android mobile, search for Facebook Lite and click on install.

After that, you can login to your Facebook account with ID and password as what you’ve used to log into current Facebook on desktop browser.

Thus, anyone who still want to stick with Facebook Messenger for the video calls and voice calls, then it is suggested that you should be able to open Facebook in desktop mode on an Android browsers. You might not like to install both of the full Facebook app version and Facebook Messenger all in one device. It might take a great amount of spaces in the mobile device, which causes the low processing power then.

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