Facebook Workplace, Here are things we’ve known so far

The internet giant Facebook has just launched its Facebook Workplace. The project was kick started a year from now. Many have said that the Facebook Workplace is out competed Slack – an platform for work use that has been popular since 2013.

Facebook WorkPlace a.k.a Facebook at Work

Started the idea in 2015, Facebook wanted to turn the Facebook at work into a place where companies can take advantages of the platform for their business use. In other words, people at workplace will connect via Facebook

So: What’s this Facebook Workplace?

This is a social network for co-workers. In other words, co-workers can connect to each other by using Facebook Workplace. And this is made for offices at organizations, companies. So basically, companies can use Facebook at work to replace their internal messaging app.

It brings a more interactive way for connecting among co-workers, and company. Instead of reading dull lines of messages, with Facebook at Work, users are in same Facebook interface but with more premium and specific zone for work.

In Facebook Workplace, there have native social networking features such as basic News Feed, creating and sharing data and files, Reactions, Live, Search, and the Trending posts. It also includes features specifically used for offices such as real-time meetings and chat with co-workers, follow a meeting on Facebook Live, and discuss work in Groups.

Who have used Facebook Workplace?

Designed to target companies, offices, and organizations, Facebook at work run their first test in 2015. Till now, there has more than 1000 businesses already to sign up. Those names includes big organization such as Starbucks, Danone, Booking.com, Oxfam, YES Bank India, and the Government Technology Agency of Singapore.

Premium Facebook

Facebook Workplace should be called Premium Facebook since it’s a paid version for Facebook for co-workers and companies. The price at one active user is at 1$ to 3$. This depends on organization with different numbers of active users on the service. Nevertheless, Facebook Workplace is further preferred by organization around the world then.

Would you enjoy chatting at work now if your company decided to use Facebook at work as new communication tool?


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