Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Android Nougat Update Still in Beta?

The fifth Android Nougat Beta for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge was released a few weeks ago. The company said that there would have no more update in beta version after December 30th. However, it seems that some of the regional users still receive the sixth Android Nougat beta treat in this time update.

It is not sure whether the update process carried out differently for specific regions. As for now, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users in China seems to get the Android Nougat update sixth beta version. This means there might have some regions that the beta testing program haven’t been finished yet. Now, those are still getting the Android Nougat Beta 6 while it is confirmed that there won’t be another beta version for the update.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that are currently receiving Android Nougat Beta 6 has the  build number of G9350ZCU2ZQA1. The update file has a size of 182.21MB. Even though Samsung hasn’t yet to officially confirm the stable version of Android Nougat for some of the Samsung Galaxy S7 device, several users have already receive it.

It is confirmed that the company will soon to roll out the Android Nougat stable version as what it is coming to some of the Galaxy S7 users. But there are still some of the devices that might be receiving the sixth beta version as the Galaxy S7 Edge in China.  It is not sure whether the new beta 6 for Galaxy S7 Edge in China can bring any new updates in comparison to the previous beta.

Samsung has just released the January Android security patch to its major flagship models including the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. However, the question here is whether the same update will bring the latest Android OS to both of the flagships.


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  • YellowBloom

    So strange.. plus the fact that it was officially announced that the final stable version of would be 7.1.1 and untill now everybody has received 7.0 instead. Why?
    Strangeee is all this story.

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