Get Your Android Marshmallow Phone Taste the Android Nougat’s Google Assistant – How to

Android Marshmallow users are feeling eager on when can they get Android Nougat update for it might be because of the Google Assistant.

Al-powered Google Assistant just appear on Android Marshmallow devices via Google Allo app. This app works fine on Android devices with the Google Assistant feature. By typing @google, users can hand over some questions and let’s the Assistant find the answers for them.

As a new finding, Google Assistant is not only for Android Nougat devices. It can be featured on Android Marshmallow handsets with the help from AndroidN-ify, Xposed, and Max Rumpf. And here’s how everything Google Assistant for Android Marshmallow goes.

Max Rumpf is the hero out of the story Assistant on Marshmallow. Thanks to his messing up with the Google app code. He did play with the code and implement it to the AndroidN-ify Xposed module. The result is super amazing. Google Assistant now works on Android Marshmallow devices. Of course, this will not be a stable build for Marshmallow and it does take workaround, but at least it does work!

For many Android geeks, Xposed is a truly friend for their rooting Android process. The tool really helps root users to have a play around with switching among Android UI and OS. This means rooted Android devices can be installed with different modules to change the way you experience your Android phone.

As for the AndroidN-ify, it is one of those modules that can bring the taste of a new dessert from Android Nougat to Android Marshmallow users. Make sure that your Android device is running on Lollipop and higher version of the OS, then this module can be working fine.

For more details on how to get Android Nougat’s Google Assistant really runs on an Android Marshmallow device, then go to the official AndroidN-ify github page and feel free to grab the on-step altering Android Marshmallow UIs.


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