How Do You Get The Colored Background On Facebook (iPhone, Android, Web Versions)

Facebook colored background status is really nice feature that rolled out for the first time on December 2016. The feature firstly came to Facebook App for Android and now it’s available for both Android and iOS platforms. Here is how can you get the colored background post on Facebook easy way.

Step 1: Open your Facebook App and go to your profile section

Step 2: Tap on “What’s on your mind?” and look for the colored background

Step 3: Pick one out of 8 background colors for the post and input the texts on

Step 4: You can use #hashtag on your Facebook status post as well. It will become a clickable link and when people click on that hashtag, it will lead to the Facebook search result page for those topics that related to the hashtag.

Step 5: After you’ve done all thing, now just tap on “Post” button to make it go live

Just a month ago, this feature is now available for iOS device users on Facebook App. So, if anyone tells you to use any third-party apps out there to get the colored background on Facebook post, then don’t. Save some space for your sweet speed-up on your device.

Update: Facebook background color status feature is now also available on Facebook for Web, if you would like to see the easiest way to update your Facebook status with background color then check out more from how to get new facebook post with colored background (Facebook web version).

Your friend will love to see your Facebook post with background color around.

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