How to get posts in Multiple Languages for the Facebook Page (auto-translated to targeting language)

Facebook supports for post in multiple languages. It allows users who are admins on a Facebook page to translate or write a post with more than one language. Here is the way to setup multiple languages in Facebook post. You should remember that this is not applied to the Facebook status update post on individual timeline.

Activate the tool for Multiple Language on Facebook page post

This tool is mostly turned off on default setting. To start using the in-built tool, we need to turn it on.

Step 1: Open the Facebook page that you are an admin on

Step 2: Click on Setting (top right corner of the page)


Step 3: In the General setting tab, scroll it down and choose Post in Multiple Languages

Step 4: Tick on the box to activate the ability to post in different languages and click on Save changes

Now, you need to create a post to see what’s going on here with the Post in multiple languages tool.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook page and write something

Step 2: Click on write post in another language at the bottom

Step 3: You will be seeing the default language of the post is in English, you can click on it to choose your default language

get facebook post

Step 4: Now choose the language that you want to add in the Language option. Just click on Select and search or scroll down to choose one.

Step 5: The post will be automatically translated to the target language that you’ve chosen. However, the auto-translation might not be correctly done. Therefore, you can always delete that translation and input your own words.

Basically, this tool works like an auto-translate tool for texts on Facebook. Therefore, it can be easier for foreigners to understand your posts without using any other translation tool.

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