How to Organize Your Facebook News Feed in Minutes

The first time you’ve set up a Facebook account, your News Feed and Timeline setting preferences will be on default. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get it to change the way you want it to be. You can always have more than an option to get this all done. Here is how to take everything Feeds under your controls.

Prioritizing the News Feed

By telling Facebook that who’s updates should be first shown, you will always get first updates from your friend preferences setting.

On the left of the Facebook News Feed, click on the gear icon and Edit Preferences. Here you choose to Prioritize people who you want to see their feeds first. From now, you will always see their status updates before the other rest of your friends.

Notice that, your friends won’t know since this is what you’ve choose to set up on your Facebook account only.

Label the News Feed

Default News Feed on Facebook will not set any priority as well as lists that you want to get quick update from that. Fortunately, Facebook lets you to create list and get separate News Feed. You can have it list of best friends, colleagues, family and so on.

Just come to the Friends heading in the left hand navigation bar, then choose More. Create a new list on your favorite. Now hover on the drop-down menu to see option for adding people to the list. All this can be done by you, you can have different lists as you might like.

Facebook has a list labelled the Close Friends, which update the friends news feed automatically and deliver a notification whenever a friend has new status. Of course, your friends can’t see if they’ve been putting in your different lists on the Facebook News Feed, and vice versa if they also arrange their News Feed this way.

View News Feed in Chronological Way

To see all the updates on Facebook News Feed in a chronological method, you can see it over the News Feed option on the left in front page. Just click on the drop-down menu and choose Most Recent. This will make the News Feed arrange the posts updates in a timing way, which can show the posts by posted time.

You still can see irrelevant content or content that you don’t want to see, but it’s also one way to get a stream updates for those people who rarely show up in your News Feed then. To go back as normal, choose the menu option from that same page, and click Top Stories.

Hide Posts/ Unfollow on Facebook News Feed

To unfollow or hide posts on Facebook News Feed, just click on the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the post the choose either Hide that post or Unfollow the person

Hiding post will only keep notification about that post get away from your notifications, but new post from the same person still shows up.

Unfollow one person will disable all the status updates from that particular person. So next time they post a new update, you won’t see it appear on your News Feed again. This is also one way not to unfriend a person but stop getting updates from that person. Again, the person won’t know that you are unfollow their status update as well.

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