How to save windows 10 lock screen images and set up as desktop background

Every time when you open your Windows 10 computer to login, there is a login screen with beautiful pictures and you’ve always wanted to save it for later use. Here is the easy way to do that.

Windows 10 lock screen images saving

Follow these steps to save the pictures that are available on Windows 10 lock screen.

Step 1: Go to File Explorer>>> View (tab)>>> Hidden Items (make sure it’s checked)

Step 2: Go to your C Local Disk/Driver and follow this directory on your Windows 10 computer

C\Users\Your user name (folder)\Appdata\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Content Delivery Manager\Local State\Assets

Step 3: Copy all the files in the Assets folder and paste it in a new folder

You already done with the Windows 10 Lock Screen Images saving. Now we go to next part of the process: Change Files Extension and Set Picture as Desktop Background

Step 1 : Go to the place where you save the newly created folder with Windows 10 login screen images in

Step 2: Hold Shift+Right Click on the folder and choose “Open command window here”

Step 3: Add this command: ren *.* *.jpg and Hit Enter

So the command will look like this

C:\Users\yourusername\container folder (example: Desktop)\destination folder (example: lock screen images)> ren *.* *.jpg

Step 4: Go back to the folder where you save your images

Step 5: Now all the pictures display in .jpg and you can set as desktop background

Step 6: Right click on any picture and choose set as desktop background

Now, you’ve already done with the whole process of saving and making the lock screen images as your desktop background in Windows 10 computer.

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