Instagram adds ‘Share to WhatsApp’ option

Well, here’s something new! Instagram added a new feature in the app. However there is no update in the app, but still there is a new feature in the app. Company just added it. Confused? Well here it goes.

Instagram added ‘Share to WhatsApp’ option in the app. Which will allow you to share a link of the post/ photo directly in the WhatsApp. Previously there was only 2 option for sharing share on Facebook and Messenger but now company added one more feature.

Well no no no wait! Don’t go to store and check for update. Company is not pushing out any update to the Instagram app in the Windows Store. This option is added via a Server Update. The option is being added gradually to the Instagram app on all platforms. I get it.

If you have not received the WhatsApp as the new Sharing option, then just restart the app and you will be able to see WhatsApp as the new Sharing option apart from Facebook and Messenger.

Since the Instagram is owned by the Facebook which also owned word’s most used messaging application WhatsApp so this integration make sense. Wait Does it?Why don’t we just share post in Instagram, tough call right? But maybe company was thinking about there are less people using Instagram then WhatsApp maybe that’s why they added it. I don’t think that that’s novelty move. Do you?

Ivory Soda

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