Microsoft Teams to get the Apps, Bots, Adobe Creative Cloud and more

Earlier this month at the #MicrosoftEDU event Microsoft added bunch of new educational features and improvements in Microsoft Teams. In case if you don’t know Microsoft Teams is the chat-based workspace in Office 365. Now at day one of Build 2017 event they announced another set of features for the Microsoft Teams.

The biggest announcement is that they are bringing apps and bots in it. Developers can now build apps and bots for the Microsoft Teams through the Office Store. For that they added a new section named discovery which allow users and teams to find new apps for Microsoft Teams. Teams and users will be able to integrate these bots into different channels and teams.

They also introduced compare extension and third-party notification in the feed. The compare extensions are essentially small flyouts that open when you click on an app under the compose editor in a conversation from teams or from one to one chat. In addition the actionable messages will also arrive in Microsoft Teams.

Furthermore, Adobe is also integrating its Creative Cloud service into Teams. This integration will allow users to access their files on Creative Cloud right from Teams. Of course user will have ability to share files from Adobe Creative Cloud right from the app. Moreover, whenever there’s any update to your shared files, the Adobe Creative Cloud bot will make sure to notify you in Teams.

However, not all of these feature are available right now, but they will be soon. Stay tune to Amaziness for more update.

Ivory Soda

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