Project Centennial : Desktop App Converter updated

Microsoft continuously working on to bring more and more apps to the Windows platform. They actively help developers to port their app to the Window 10 UWP from other.

There are lots of projects going on this way. There is Project Islandwood which help developers to port their iOS app to UWP. They also bring Xamarin cross platform, and recently they also released a new toolkit which help developers to convert their Google Chrome Extension to the Edge.

But today, Microsoft updated Desktop App Converter aka Project Centennial. Basically the Project Centennial serves as a bridging tool between Win32 apps and Universal Windows Apps. Developer can run a test on their Win32 app through this Converter, plug in the additional UWP features and functions, and also can push their app to the Windows Store.

The most exciting features in this update is that it now supports auto-signing packages. However there are many  new features and fixes in this update. Company announced this news on Twitter.

Here’s complete list of what’s new in this update.

  • Added support for auto-signing the converted apps produced by DAC for testing purposes. Check out the –Signflag to give it a try.
  • Added warnings if any of the COM registrations in the virtual registry hive are not supported within the packaged AppX.
  • Added support for auto-detecting app dependancies on VC++ libraries and then converting them in to AppX manifest dependencies. Note that in order to sideload and test apps using VC++ runtime, you’ll need to download the VCLib framework packages as outlined in the blog post Using Visual C++ Runtime in a Centennial project. Locate the packages under the folder Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Kits\10\ExtensionSDKs\Microsoft.VCLibs.Desktop on your machine, navigate to the version you depend on (e.g., 11.0, 12.0, 14.0), and double click on the appropriate architecture package (x64, x86) to install it.
  • Updated the manifest schema to align with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (10.0.14393.0).
  • Several bug fixes and improved output layout.

Download the newly updated Desktop App converter right from here.

So, hey developers it’s time to give a try to newly updated Desktop App Converter. How’s the experience ? Let us know in a comment below.

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