Project Islandwood : App Analysis tool now available

One of the biggest benefits of developing a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app in the Hosted Web App format is that developers can essentially repackage coding they’ve already written for web apps and use that work as a basis for their Windows 10 app. Several companies have taken advantage of this convenient app development method and released rather impressive apps on the Windows Store.

As we know that Microsoft working very actively to bring the iOS app to the Windows store. For that they continuously improving Windows bridge for iOS. Even about a week ago company refurbish project Islandwood. And now they releases the App Analysis tool for the Windows Bridge for iOS.

This is a web-based tool. Developers can use this newly launched App Analysis tool to get a breakdown of what parts of your app are compatible with the bridge immediately. Basically it informs that how much work you need to do make your UWP app from your iOS app. It is web-based tool so no download and installs required. All you need to do is just upload your IPA. And all set.

Here’s how this tool will work:

The App Analysis tool will examine your project and cross reference the frameworks and classes used with the ones currently supported by the bridge, and return the results right in your browser. The tool will also identify third-party libraries and SDK packages used in your project and let you know if they – or equivalent libraries – are available on Windows 10.

To test your app. First things first, developer need to export an unencrypted IPA from Xcode to use with the tool. To do that follow the steps written here.

And not only that, This tool also give information about the unsupported items. If your app is using Apple’s MapKit framework in your iOS app; However this framework is currently unsupported by the Project Islandwood, So for that company recommending to try using Bing Maps and a XAML map control.

And also more and more features will be available soon in the Project Islandwood.

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