Update: 12 Facebook Colored Backgrounds for Status Post

The Facebook colored background status is a really nice feature that help users to create a better and more attractive status update from his/her timeline.

This feature firstly came out for Facebook App for Android, and till now, it is rolled out for iOS platform as well as Facebook web version. If anyone of you haven’t received this update or haven’t seen this colored background option on your Facebook then just wait for the next rollout then. It will eventually come for you.

color status

In the previous post on how to get the Facebook colored background post, we’ve shared with you that Facebook has just given 8 colors for the background. As for the time of this writing, Facebook has added 4 more color options, which make become 12 color backgrounds.

Notice here that the update on the background colors might roll out little more time after you’ve got to see the Facebook colored backgrounds appear on your Facebook on Web version.

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