Weekend Reading: Google Weekly 55 (Apr 10 – Apr 16)

Hello and welcome back to another Google Weekly, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Google and its product. In this Google Weekly we’ll talk about Google Allo, new sign-in experience, Google Assistant, Google Earth and more. So let’s get started.

Google Allo

Last year we’ve seen a report that Google is working on a web version of the Google Allo. And now company will soon bring Google Allo on desktop. Well of course it will will work just like WhatsApp. You have to scan the QR code from the app and then you need to keep you mobile device connected to internet. But there is another option make pair between device. User can also connect to Google Allo desktop client via auto generated text code. Maybe company will demonstrate this new syncing feature at I/O 2017.

new sign-in experience

As we all know Google is working on new sign-in experience. Here’s the new sign-in design. As you can see in the image below company completely redesigned the sign-in page. You can clearly see the effect of the material design in it. They removed that list of services from the page. The new design in looks a lot like Google Form. Some users are claiming that they already have this new look, but we haven’t received it on any of our device. And nor company made any announcement about it.


Google Assistant

Google Assistant added a new “Notifications” option in settings on both phones and Google Home. Going to Google Assistant’s settings you will notice new Notifications toggle under “Adjust settings for this device.”. However the feature is not working properly yet. And once you switching off and exiting the app will automatically re-enable the setting. Maybe company is planning to bring an interactive notification via Google Assistant and trying to remove that Google app notification. We’ll soon hear more details about it.


Google Earth

Google sending press invites to ‘the unveiling of the new Google Earth‘ on April 18. Although the invitation dose’t have any clues but it says a ‘brand new experience.’ Maybe company is planning to bring the VR focus experience in the Google Earth.

So that’s all for this Google Weekly. Thanks for joining us. Stay tune to Amaziness for more updates.

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