Weekend Reading: Google Weekly 58 (May 1 – May 7)

Welcome to another Google Weekly, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Google and its product. In this Google Weekly we’ll talk about Google Allo, Google Play Store, Google G Suite Roadmap and Android Beta program and more.

Google Allo

Last week we’ve revealed that the Google is working on a new feature for the Google Allo. Google was working on an interesting new custom selfie-generated sticker pack feature. And now they are rolling out a new update to Google Allo, however this feature is not enabled yet but with a few tweaks you can do it. With this feature user will able to generate stickers by their own. When user will take a selfie algorithm will generate a sticker pack in your likeness. Once the sticker pack is generated you will prompted with is a typical front-facing camera view with a pair of glasses to fit your eyes in. Where you can take a picture and a sticker pack based on your appearance will be generated.

Google Allo

image credit: google

Google Play Store updated

Google rolled out another update to the Google Play Store. Play Store 7.8 prepares for Instant Apps support, ‘Play Protect,’ more. A new security feature will alert users when they will install apps from unknown sources. And with the all new Instant Apps feature, users can quickly access and use parts of an application without needing to first download it.

Google Calendar web redesign, scheduled for late 2017

The latest G Suite product roadmap reveals Google Calendar web redesign, scheduled for late 2017. In last couple of years Google Calendar for mobile has changed a lot, but the desktop version hasn’t kept up. During Google’s Cloud NEXT 2017, the company showed off a product roadmap that revealed some of Google’s plans for various G Suite products over the course of the year. Furthermore, the roadmap reveal that the Google Calendar will include rich text in event notes on the web, a side-by-side calendar day view, contact details in the calendar, and “discoverability” of secondary calendars by 2017.


Android Beta website

Android Beta Program Website updated. Google recently pushed stable builds of Android 7.1.2 to all of those who were enrolled in the beta program. Following that, the Nougat public beta is now concluded. Google notes that the website will be updated when the Android O beta is ready.

So, there you have it. That’s all for this Google Weekly. Stay tune to Amaziness for more updates.

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